MVK 'The Director' 5'8 - 6'2

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The 'The Director' is just that. This board is arguably the most versatile surfboard design in recent years.

Anyone with the ability of just standing up, the seasoned pro can ride this model in most conditions with great ease. It's basically a shrunken down performance mini mal, so there's plenty of hidden foam.

Why it works so well is its even distribution of foam, low rocker and slight concave. It features a pulled round pin tail with a full nose and wide point forward, the slight single concave that runs nose to tail gives you lift and speed, it's pulled tail giving you drive. Set up with 5 FCS 2 plugs, it works great as a quad or thruster. Quad will give you even more speed down the line. If you're advanced, ride 2-4 inch shorter than your height.