At MaverickSurf, we’ve brought together an experienced team of surfers, passionate about quality boards and accessories and dedicated to the pursuit of finding and selecting creatively designed gear with superior function and beautiful form that has a unique and ethical source and connecting it to New Zealand surfers that want something different.

We decided to stand apart and let our philosophy shape the way we work, making sure our core values of social integrity and environmental responsibility are shared features of the products we search for. By selecting brands that are aligned with this ethos and use sustainable processes and materials we can aspire to effect positive change and support local communities.

Our code means we can bring surfers premium products at affordable prices. By practicing lean inventory, streamlining our buying processes and adopting low margins, we keep costs down so all surfers can access the quality, exceptional products they need.

Under the steadfast supervision of a team of legendary shapers in our Kiwi and Aussie owned manufactory in Surabaya, Indonesia, our surfboards are designed and built with imagination, inspiration and ingenuity, creating functional, artistic forms shaped into perfect wave-riding technology for all styles and preferences.

MaverickSurf is proud to stand by leading surf brands and shapers and stand apart by creating sustainable jobs for local communities with awareness of the environment that restores and sustains us.