Shaper: Dave Verral

Dave Verral "Diverse Surfboards"


Dave Verral

Dave Verrall has been passionately shaping boards for over 25 years.  He strongly believes the key to a good board is a careful combination of quality materials and features to give correct balance, speed and control for an individual. He thrives on the challenge of making each individual board right for the customer and using new technologies to make old school things.

Dave started making surfboards because he didn’t want to work a normal job, and always wanting to be engaged in my lifestyle.

He took the personal challenge of making his own boards better.

When that wasn’t enough, he wanted to make everyone else’s boards better too.

Dave’s industry is mostly made up of old guys making boards the same way they have for 50 years. He learned all their ways, and something didn’t gel with him. He looked around in the surf and noticed more than half the people surfing were 13-30 y/o.

Dave noticed that surfers want faster, lighter, stronger boards. Surfers are also environmentally conscious and don’t want to throw away junk made from toxic materials.

 "I have always used my wits to challenge what I do everyday. Trying to make it better, starting with a vision, to creation then application. Designing surfboards aligns with my personality and I love the challenge of refining and sharing surfing experiences. 30 years of doing this has some amazing results that you can all benefit from. The current models I produce are the results of this refinement and feedback. Having lived both on the Gold Coast and Bali, the range of waves I personally experience along with the worldwide team/customer base gives a confidence of reliable solid performing products."

"I started making surfboards because I had a personal challenge of making my own boards better. That wasn’t enough for me, I wanted to make everyone else’s boards better too… Different and fresh looks, Innovative shapes…Let me make your Surfing Life better today…"