Shaper: Rod Dahlberg

Rod Dahlberg - 'Dahlberg Surfboards'

Rod Dahlberg

Rod Dahlberg remains one of Australia’s best shapers, and was the shaper behind Occy’s dominant years and world title.

Originally from New Zealand, as a young teenager, Rod saw a lot of older surfers heading over to Australia for the winter, usually to warmer Queensland. Rod first travelled to Australia in 1972 when he was 19 years old, on a road trip from Noosa to Angourie over the space of several months. 

Now, Rod calls Australia home.

Rod shaped Occy’s board for a competition in 1997, and Kelly Slater is noted to have said that this surfing was the best he had ever seen up until this point, which gave Rod and his boards immense credibility, validating his shapes and putting his logo on the global stage.

Rod considers his personal approach to shaping boards as being “conservative”. He doesn’t stay up at night trying to dream up the next big break through, because he is certain that someone else has already done it. Rod believes that materials in construction will only continually evolve, as will designs and surfing performances - just as he has witness in the last 70 years.