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REVIEW: Luke Dorrington

"The EL CAPITANO is my original step up model, tried and tested from Kirra, Indonesia, Fiji & Hawaii this board I enjoy riding when the waves start to get solid. It has a slight continuous single concave throughout, medium entry rocker and touch of forward volume for paddle power, and I love the always reliable area pin tail as it allows you to hold your turns at high speed. An essential craft for your next adventure." 

REVIEW: Phil Myers

"The Free Flight TWIN VENT is designed to go from rail to rail at high speed, ideal for beach breaks and small to medium conditions. Great for round house cutbacks and super loose down the line, enjoy the ride. Jump on one and have some fun." 

Phil Myers review

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Volume is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a surfboard as it tells us basically how well the board will float you in the water. Check out the chart here.


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