Team Rider: Brie Bennett


DOB: 06.07.2003
Height: 165cm
Weight: 59kg
Shapers: Rod Dahlberg MVK
Training ground: Manu Bay
Favourite wave: Stent Road
Inspirations: Carissa Moore

Best thing about surfing: Traveling new places and meeting new people

Worst thing about surfing: Having to put on a wet wetsuit on a cold winters morning.

Major wins:

  • U14 National title
  • U16 National title
  • U18 Maori National title

Where I want to surf: I really want to surf at Kelly Slaters wave pool everyone just gets so tubed there, and I wanna experience it for myself.

Who would you take on an all-expenses paid trip to Tavarua: I’d probably take my friend Ariana, and have an all goofy foot trip, which is most ideal for spots like Cloudbreak. She also has been there before so would be able to feed me ‘inside knowledge’

Favourite post surf meal: An Açai bowl for sure.