A collection of ghastly craft refined in the “Spooky” point breaks of Angourie, Australia. Focusing on fun, functionality and performance the Deathless range offers something for all abilities.

 The Angourie Boys 

Growing up in the Spooky Points of Angourie. Woody Jack started surfing around 5 years old and began playing with shapes in his early teens. Taken under the wing of influential shaper Greg Webber, Woody learnt how to make surfboards work. Woody was at the forefront of computer design for surfboards. Being there from the very first machines and programs.

Designing for some of Australia's top shapers and international brands. Creating all sorts of boards from high performance short boards to big guns and retro boards. Woody has over 20 years shaping & design experience and is highly respected by his peers all over the world.

Woody collaborated with Deathless Creative director Tommy Donkin. In the early days Tommy was one of his first team riders. The Angourie boys worked closely on different ideas and designs over the past 15 years. Tommy rode for brands like Volcom and Insight and loved riding alternative style boards.

This collaboration is the brain child behind Deathless Surfboards. “A collection of doomed craft for the dammed".