Shaper: Nick Blair

Nick Blair - "Joistik"

Nick Blair

Having first picked up a planer at age 15, Nick Blair brings a wealth of design and shaping experience to his customers with over 25 years and 18,000 boards under his belt.

Growing up in South Africa, Nick frequented the South Coast of Durban and first drew inspiration and mentorship from shapers such as Ian Wright, Spider Murphy and Errol Hickman.

Starting his own label on the North Coast in 1997, he was then mentored by the late Peter Daniels who was a massive influence in his formative years.

The next few years saw him shaping in Mauritius, England and Spain whilst travel through the UK, Europe, California and Hawaii exposed him to a range of design influence, connecting him with shapers such as Nigel Semmens (UK) and Jeff Johnston (Hawaii), who were further instrumental to his growth and shaping development.

Upon immigrating to Australia in 2005, Nick spent time with JS Industries and Billabong Surfboards before starting his label Joistik Surfboards.

The brand launched onto the global stage with then team rider Dean Morrison, who achieved his best results at Pipe and Chopes on Nick’s shapes, with the boards finding themselves under the feet of the likes of Mick Fanning, Jordy Smith, Dusty Payne, Roy Powers, the Hobgood brothers, Mick Campbell, Serena Brooke and many others, with a host of international pro juniors putting in orders for their Australian tour legs.

Nick’s big wave designs and shapes have also proven themselves globally under the feet of big wave riders such as Carlos Burle. With a huge following in his niche Japan market, Nick has demonstrated full versatility in his craft by pushing the boundaries of small wave design and performance. Motivated by his passion for surfing and craftsmanship, innovation and continual advancement, Nick’s enthusiasm stems from the stoke of his customers and he revels in helping them improve and enjoy their surfing more than ever.