Team Rider: Kora Cooper

Team Rider Kora Cooper

DOB: 10th April 2004
Height: 163cm
Weight: 47kg
Shapers: Rod Dahlberg MVK
Training ground: Manu Bay
Favourite wave: Indicators
Inspirations: Mason Ho, Dane Reynolds, Mick Fanning

Major wins:

  • 2017 - U14 National Champion and U14 Billabong Grom Series Title
  • 2018 - U16 National Champion, U16 Billabong Grom series Title, U14 and U16 Maori National Titles

Best thing about surfing: Having fun and surfing with mates

Worst thing about surfing: Putting on a wet wetsuit in winter

Where do you want to surf that you haven't been? J Bay and Desert Point

If you got an all expenses trip paid to Tavarua who would you take? Tom Robo, Puarere Kelly

Best post surf meal? pasta and then a smoothie