"I ordered a Vampirate board from Maverick Surf and they were totally awesome to deal with. Friendly and efficient, helpful and informative.

Getting my red racer was easy and arrived ding free before Christmas like they said it would.

I give them a ten out of ten and a friendly Shaka for good measure!”

-Greg Straight - Inflatable Mattress, Vampirate


“The deadcat surfs from tiny ripples at Orewa to head high sets at Pakiri. Paddles really easily and is very stable. It also shoots down the line with minimum effort. But most importantly, everyone in the line up compliments how beautiful the board is😍😍😍

- Woosik Yoon - Auckland - Dead Cat, Deathless 


“I didn’t believe it initially when Maverick surf contacted me to say I had won a free surfboard! I choose the Deathless Rosie twin from the shop and couldn’t be happier with her. Rosie paddles great and with a new 2+1 fin setup fires down the line like a cut cat.”

- Ryan Campbell - Rosie, Deathless



"The board felt instantly lively super fast and held into the steep parts of the wave so good. It kept its speed through barrels well. Went amazing in the bowl and off the top in the pocket of solid powerful waves. This board has got me super exited to surf when the waves are good and I feel like I’m doing some of my best surfing on it too "

- Sam Mathers - Raglan - MVK Custom Model




" I absolutely love the Rosey. Iv been riding it as a twin fin with the small trailer fin. This set up seems to fit the board perfectly. It hold nicely on the bottom turn and gets super loose with the top turn. Shoulder to Head night seem to be the best conditions for this board..
The Luke Dorrington I have been using as my all rounder. It’s really fast especially in solid waves but also extremely responsive. It’s the first board iv had where I come out of turns with speed to burn."
- Blake Raven - Raglan - Rosie, Deathless & Custom, Luke Dorrington 


“My board is going really well and stoked with how well it goes on rail”

-Connor Tomoana - Auckland - Mutant Sludge, Deathless


“Goes so good love it “

-Storm Williams - Whangarei - Inflatable Mattress, Vampirate