Shaper: Phil Myers

Phil Myers - "Free Flight Surfboards"

Phil Myers

Phil Myers is local to the Northern Rivers of New South Wales, and is a familiar face to the legendary points of Lennox Head, Angowrie, Burleigh Heads and the beach breaks of the Great National Park.

Phil has over 40 years experience in the shaping industry, and has created boards for both Australian and world champions, such as Col Smith, Barton Lynch, Danny Wills and Joe Engle.

Today, Phil shapes some of the most innovative boards out of his shop in Ballina, Australia.

Phil got into shaping surfboards when he was working as a buffer, and started shaping his own boards in 1976.

The brand ‘Free Flight’ was started by Lindsay Grant in 1975, with Gunther Rohn being the first shaper who went overseas to work in 1977. Phil had been shaping his own boards, and after a crash course from Bob McTavish, he took over the head shapers job at Free Flight. 

Neil Purchase was also doing some boards around that time. Phil did the Col Smith Channel for about four years, until the thruster turned up, and then Phil came up with a design called the “Hydro Channel”. Phil and Neil did that for a few years, and all the other current designs of the day.

"Years later, Phil came up with a design called the vent system - a deep double concave with forward V and channels. At this time he had a young Danny Wills on board, and Newcastle’s Michelle Donaghue. Danny won numerous titles on these boards, and Michelle won her one and only pro contest on one of these boards - the Newcastle Pro. Barton Lynch was looking for a new shaper and sponsor, and Phil shaped a half-dozen boards for Barton and he liked them. Barton linked up with Brothers Neilson on the Gold Coast and got Phil a job shaping, and he stayed there for nine years.

After stints working for Bear, Local Motion, Rawson, Noosa Surf Works, G & S, Phil decided to go back to the Free Flight label, as it was where he started.

 Phil is so passionate and humble. We don't know if he realises just what an amazing craftsman he is. He is always happy to have a chat with customers no matter what and you just know that the man is a legend.