Flanagan 'Antidote' Shortboard 5'2-6'4

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A very easy board to surf covering all requirements of what a modern high performance surfboard should be.....and more !! The Antidote lives up to its name ,this board will cure all your surfboard aliments in one dose. Very fast,super forgiving ,loose and very easy to control the Antidote feels great on your first surf and continues to evolve with each session. The rocker / concave setup is similar to our Swamp Donkey model which was going so good we decided to add certain elements of that into a high performance short board outline. The results were very good and this,the newest addition to our short board range is a very heathy additive indeed !!

It has a deep single to double concave,the rocker has a low entry to low exit, the foil is fairly even from nose through to tail, carrying volume throughout. Speed,flow and carving ability come hand in hand here but what we are finding is setting it apart from other boards is the extended area of what is called the “sweet spot”.We have found you can have your feet placed almost anywhere within reason and you will get the results you are after. This rocker setup also means this model suits a very wide variety of surfers and is very user friendly.

Standard Dimensions

Flanagan Antidote standard dimensions