Flanagan 'Antidote' Round Tail Shortboard 5'10-6'4

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Keeping in line with the successful rocker and concave of the Antidote squash, the round tail version has been refined in the rails and outline only. The rail has been lowered to give more control and bite which has also added more of a lively feel.

The wide point in the outline has been pulled back and tail area has been adjusted to add more curve, which marries perfectly with the lower rocker exit and the deep single concave between the fins. We have kept the hip which in conjunction with these other variables allows for quick responsive changes in direction and keeps that whippy feel through turns.

This round tail version, alongside the squash tail, has proved to be a winner in all kinds of conditions from below average beach breaks to pumping down the line reefs, a great all rounder.

Standard Dimensions