F8 5 Fin Set - Alpha Series Carbon/Green

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The F8 Alpha is a large size Balanced fin with a Ride Number of 6.5. Alpha's C6 composite material is carbon and air infused making it lighter than Honeycomb. The responsive flex characteristics of C6 combine with the neutral F-Series template to create one of the most exciting new products on the market. All Alpha products are designed and manufactured exclusively in Huntington Beach, Ca USA.

✓ Lightweight C6 carbon construction.
✓ Balanced, all-round performance template.
✓ Ride number 6.5 (Balanced speed generating and control)

Large (80kg+)

Front Fins: Height: 4.64" - Base: 4.47" Area: 15.90"
Quad Rears: Height: 4.05" - Base: 4.16" - Area: 11.67" - Foil: symmetrical

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