MVK Tracer Fish - Black/White, Green/White, Blue or Green 5'4-6'2

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The MVK Tracer twin fin ranks high for manoeuvrability. A twin fin can practically turn on a dime. When making a turn, one fin will act at the pivot point while the other spins around it. The result is a board that will go exactly where you point it. It is also known for being very fast. It doesn’t have a trailing centre fin producing drag which means the board can speed down the line. The MVK Tracer has a concave deck in the tail making a lower centre of pivot and increased control. The MVK Tracer works best in conditions from 1-6ft. The looseness of the setup makes it one of the best for sloppy conditions between 2-4ft but a skilled surfer can utilise a twin fin in steep 5-6ft+ conditions.

Comes with Futures fin plugin option.

Standard Dimensions 

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