Deathless 'The Bad Brain' in White Ghost, Shattered Black or White 5'5-6'3"

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It’s a real tip of the hat to what guys like Tom Curren and Occy were ridding in the mid to late 80’s.

Their boards had much more volume than most modern thrusters today and were very forgiving and easy to ride because of this.

Why The Bad Brain works so well is the flat deck gives you more foam all the way out to the edge of the rail, this puts you more on top of the water giving you more paddle power and also more speed when you’re on the wave.

The Vee bottom that runs right from the nose through the fins and lifts off the corners of the tail makes the board very fast and responsive, giving you constant speed and flow, even over flatter sections.

The outline is a little more modern. It features a very pronounced hip in front of the fins into a slightly wider squash tail.

It’s a great option for an intermediate surfer up to 100kg who would like to ride a smaller board but still needs the paddle power.

It’s also really fun for a good surfer who likes to play around with different boards other than their standard performance shortboards.

Good for trying airs and tricks. THIS THING FANGS.... DEATHLESS OR DIE!!!!!!!!!!!! 

GLASSING 4 + 4oz Deck / 4oz Bottom
PLUGS Futures or FCS
CONCAVE Single / Double
TAIL TYPE Deep Swallow
COMPLIMENTARY FINS Fins are additional please contact if required
SKILL LEVEL Beginner to Advanced