Free Flight 'Col Smith' 6 Channel Single Fin 5'6 - 7'4

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The Free Flight 6 channel single fin is an exact replica of the 'Col Smith' design that Phil shaped from 1979-1982. It was used by legends of those days such as the late Col Smith, also Michael Ho, Hans Hedeman, Tony White and Kevin Davidson. This was just before Simon Anderson released the 'Thruster' in 1983. The design was pushing the boundaries of single fin surfboard design. The model was used to great success in professional contests especially in Hawaii and powerful conditions. 

Apart from being a piece of history and having beautiful craftsman ship, this board is right at home in clean powerful waves and excels on long point waves. The channels are really deep, giving you great speed and hold. The extra foam under your chest makes it a paddling machine. All in all this is a timeless single fin that would fit great in your quiver.

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