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Name: Tommy Donkin

DOB: 14/2/83

Height: 5'9

Weight: 70kg

Current board under your feet: "Mutant Sludge" is pretty much my all rounder but ride the "Butt Jaw" twinnie a lot when its small or on the points

Favourite Shapers: Theres so many good shaper where I grew up, Greg Webber, Luke Short, Rod Dahlberg.. I also love Neil Jnr's single fins & Matt Biolos fishes..

Home Break: I grew up in Angouire, but have been on the Gold Coast for a long time surfing south straddie and points when they are on

Favorite Wave: Riffles, Mentawaii

Influential Surfers: Christian Fletcher, Dane Reynolds, Bruce & Andy Irons, Taj Burrow, Ozzie Wright

REVIEW: Rod Dahlberg

Rod was born in Te Awamutu, NZ in 1953, he started surfing age 10. Rod worked as a grommet in Bob Davies factory mostly sweeping up and odd jobs but this was his introduction to board building. As soon as Rod left school he got into shaping.  Al Byrnes shapes was a big influence in Rods career. Al Byrne was the best surfer/shaper in NZ at the time and also worked out of Bob’s factory. Rod brought his own shaped boards to Australia in the Winter of 1972 starting out in Noosa and surfing his way down to Angourie where he parked up for 4 months.  After 5 summers going back and forth between NZ & Aus he made Angourie, NSW home. Since residing in Aus he has been a freelance shaper for various labels such as Country Style, Sky and Pipedream . In 1983 Rod established Insight Surfboards along with John and Greg Webber. The partnership was short-lived but Insight surfboards became well known  quickly with surfers such as Richard Cram, Greg Day, Joe Engel, Thornton Fallander and a young Occy riding Insight boards. Rod started Dahlberg Surfboards in 1985. Rod's career highlights include Occy’s World title in 1999 and Joel Parkinson winning the world Juniors and the Billabong J Bay contest in the same year. Rod has been fortunate to have designed and shaped boards for many pro surfers over the years who have helped strengthen the Dahlberg label. Surfers such as Tom Whitaker who is still Rod's No 1 teamrider, Dan Ross, Shaun Cansdell, Ben Dunn, Lee Winkler, Trent Munro, Andy Irons and many more including 15 year old phenom Oscar Berry.

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